I am a physician and theologian with a lifelong interest in spiritual healing. I believe God provides a universal vital life force energy which has the power to heal us. I also believe the spirit world can guide this energy to help God heal us. These beliefs stem principally from my training in energy medicine, observations of the work of John of God in spiritual healing, and study of the work of the late Harry Edwards in spiritual healing.

I have made many trips to Brazil to observe the ministry of the renowned full-trance spirit-healing medium known there as João de Deus (John of God), or simply as Medium João. One day, I asked the spirit of a prominent departed physician, speaking through John of God, how my healing ministry back in the United States might relate to the work of John of God in spiritual healing. The spirit replied, “Tell the story!” which I understood as directing me to promote a wider awareness of spirits being willing and able to help God heal us. And so this book ...

(This book was originally published in 2016 as “Spiritual Healing: Help from the Spirit World.” It was revised in 2018 to make it less academic, describe how God might function in spiritual healing, and give more attention to the remarkable spiritual healing work of John of God.)